SA band Overtone’s Hollywood hit

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19 February 2010

Seven nervous young men headed for the Los Angeles premiere of Invictus in a gleaming limousine. The car stopped, the doors opened and they were confronted by flashing cameras.

Then they heard a familiar tune from the loudspeakers. The song 9 000 Days is from the movie’s soundtrack - and the seven guys from Gauteng make up Overtone who perform nine of the film’s 18 songs.

Emile Welman (24), Eduard Janse van Rensburg (27), Ruan van Zyl (23), Shane Smit (21), Ernie Bates (26), Valentino Ponsonby (23) and Riaan Weyers (23) had to pinch themselves to make sure they weren’t dreaming.

If you’d told them a year ago they’d soon contribute to a major movie and be on the red carpet with Oscar winners such as Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman they’d have laughed. In fact they were about to give up their music dreams when director Clint Eastwood’s wife, Dina, attended their Killer Queen concert (a Freddie Mercury tribute) last year and persuaded Clint to use them on the Invictus soundtrack.

Read their full story in the YOU of 25 February.

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