SA band tours America

A gig in Pretoria was the reason a South African band got to travel to America on a recent concert tour.

Even though the four members of the Pretoria band Float Parade have only been together for about 18 months, all four of them have been involved in the music industry for quite a while.

And the musical skills put together have delivered quite a good response during their first overseas tour.

The four members, Nic Dinnie (singer/songwriter), Hugo Radyn (drummer), Thean Heyneke (bass) and Pule Makona (keyboard) have recently performed in the United States of America.

Three states heard their musical voices – New York State, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

According to band manager Nic a gig in Pretoria is the reason behind the band’s American tour.

“We had a concert and in the audience was a South African lady who is married to an American man and they live there as well.

“She told us she could ask around and find out who would be interested in. She had some great connections and a while later people involved with festivals actually called me and we got bookings," Nic said.


Nic says the band got very good responses from crowds in America.

“I think they could see how hard we have all worked to make this work,” Nic said.

However, the band is taking on a slower pace now due to all the members’ other responsibilities.