SA Beliebers need your help to surprise Justin

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23 April 2013

South Africa's Beliebers need your help to surprise Justin

Soné Grobbelaar (20) from Johannesburg has planned to make The Biebs feel special on his SA tour. We thought it was so cool that we had to share it:

“We gathered all these ideas from Beliebers that's going to the show. We really want this to work and need all the support we can get.

1) Justin Bieber always starts off his concerts with All Around the World – we think it’s such a great party song that everyone should have white or purple balloons and just go crazy and throw them around when he sings it. It will look like the best party ever from stage!

2) When he sings One Less Lonely Girl he usually chooses one girl from the crowd. And Beliebers are really emotional when he sings this, so we thought that everyone should hold up a sign that says: “I’m also the one less lonely girl.”

3) And when Justin ends with his song Baby the Beliebers should hold up a photo of him when he was a baby. It will be the cutest and best thing ever! When the song ends everyone should throw streamers to the stage. The people in the stands can throw it into the crowd. It would look amazing and Justin would definitely want to come back to South Africa after that. It’s his first show here and we want him to remember it.

Lastly, we have a chant. It starts soft and ends LOUD. It goes like this. "We are Beliebers and if you can't hear us we'll scream a little louder.”

Check out our Twitter account: @The_SAbeliebers.

Lee-Anne van Zyl (19) and her best friend, Silke Botha (17), want to make the concert special and have a few ideas for the Cape Town concert.

1) “When Justin Believe sings, everyone will hold up A4/A3 posters reading “SA BELIEVED”; in other words South African Beliebers believed Justin would one day come to South Africa and our dream has come true.

2) When he sings Baby, everyone will hold up posters reading “DANKIE” to thank him for everything he does for his fans and for the fact he’s such a good role model. The reason we’re doing this during Baby is that it’s the last song of the concert. We decided to keep “DANKIE” in Afrikaans because Justin was in SA in 2010 and learnt basic Afrikaans words, dankie being one of them, and because we wanted to express our thanks in a South African way. Then everyone will throw paper streamers into the air to celebrate the wonderful concert.”

You can tweet them at @RSABELIEBERS if you have any questions, or send an e-mail to

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