SA celebs back World Cup

By admin
18 January 2012


“I love soccer. I’ve played since I was five. I tried to play indoor soccer in the past few years but my body can’t take the punishment any more. In June and July I’m going to be very close to a TV somewhere. I seriously doubt I’ll get any tickets. I have tried and they’re extremely difficult to obtain. I’ve called every contact but still nothing. So I think it’s safe to say I’ll be watching at home.”

Isidingo actress HLUBI MBOYA

“I’ll be working very hard on the set of Isidingo in June and July but supporting Bafana Bafana mind, body and soul. I’d love to see Bafana Bafana, England and Brazil - those are my favourite teams.”


“I have tickets for five of the matches and I won’t miss one of them on TV. I love the World Cup and become a little obsessed every four years. Don’t expect to see me anywhere else. I don’t think Bafana’s chances are good. Patriotism isn’t boundless. I’m realistic. Even our coach says Brazil will be in the final, not us.”

Singer LIRA

“I don’t usually watch soccer unless there’s a big game and I actually enjoy being at the stadium more than I like watching from home. In fact I find it boring unless the house is packed with soccer-lovers . . . the energy of people cheering and being glued to the screen in your living room is fantastic.”


“I attended one of the matches of the last World Cup and went to a few games during the Confed Cup. It’s one thing to see the magic on TV and another to actually be at the stadium, feel the atmosphere with all the vuvuzelas, the colour, the sounds and smells. This is a magical time in SA. It’s our chance to show the world all our potential. We must pull together to show we have a bright future for our country. We’re very friendly people so we’ll keep the people coming back.”

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