SA looking for penis donors

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17 March 2015

After a successful penis transplant doctors are now ready to do similar transplants in hospitals across South Africa.

All they need now are donors, City Press reported.

Doctors announced last week they’d performed a successful penis transplant on a 21-year-old man who’d lost his penis after a botched circumcision during an initiation ritual.

Three months after the operation the patient has regained full use of the organ and is delighted with the way the procedure turned out.

The organ was harvested during a two-hour procedure after the donor had been declared brain dead. Doctors also tried to match the skin tone of the penis with that of the recipient.

There are nine other men waiting for penis transplant. Because the first one was so successful the others will be done as soon as donors become available.

How to donate organs in SA

Register online or call the Organ Donor Foundation on 0800-22-6611. You will be sent a card and stickers to put on your ID document and driver’s licence.

What organs can be donated?

Your heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys and lungs can save seven lives.

What tissue can you donate?

Your corneas, skin, bone and heart valves can save 50 lives.

Can you choose what you would like to donate?

Yes. Inform your friends and family about your wishes.

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