SA pastor puts hands on Trump!

By Nici De Wet
12 July 2017

"We are going to see another great spiritual awakening..."

A local minister got close to President Donald Trump earlier this week, hosting a prayer circle in the Oval Office.

Televangelist Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, who is from SA but moved to the US in 1987 after a "calling from God", shared an image on his Facebook page, calling the intimate moment "surreal" and "humbling".

The minister, who preaches with his wife, Adonica, added "we are going to see another great spiritual awakening" following the prayers.

Trump, a devout Christian, put his faith at the front and center of his campaign for the presidency and made a particular point of appealing to evangelicals.

Rodney and his wife Adonica stand behind Trump in the Oval Office. While the post attracted many supporters, critics were quick to add their thoughts on Trump's faith. "Doesn't have a Christian bone in his body. Doesn't attend church. Multiple divorces. Adultery. Literally about every single commandment he's broken," wrote Kenneth Averell. "We're all sinners, but c'mon, the evangelical right is choosing this guy to lead their "spiritual awakening"?" wrote another.

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