SABC broadcast the wrong 7de Laan episode and people are MAD

By Hilda Van Dyk
03 November 2016

Did Tuesday night's episode of 7de Laan leave you a bit confused? You're not the only one.

It's no surprise considering SABC aired the wrong episode in Tuesday's slot.

7de Laan spokesperson Rosa Marie Erasmus confirmed to YOU this morning that that particular episode should have been broadcast on Friday.

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"The audience is very upset," said Rosa Marie.

"Last night [Wednesday] the right episode aired, but because Tuesday's episode was not, nothing made sense. With Friday's episode aired, certain storylines were missing. Everyone is just now confused.

Rosa-Marie said the 7de Laan team only discovered what had happened mid-broadcast. She realised something was amiss when fans pointed out the snippets she was tweeting had nothing to do with what was on TV screens across SA.

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"The viewers Facebook [also] let us know something was not right," said Rosa Marie.

7de will only get clarity of the SABC regarding how the issue will be addressed later on Thursday and whether people Tuesday night's program during the omnibus that will be broadcast over the weekend.

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