Sacha Baron Cohen: 'My wife hated Borat'

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17 February 2016

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen has joked how wife Isla Fisher hated sleeping with his Borat alter ego the most.

The 44-year-old has spent his career playing elaborate and controversial characters including Ali G, Borat and Bruno, and while it's fun for him to develop the roles for the big screen, it hasn't necessarily been a barrel of laughs for Isla.

"She's had to make love to all of them but I think her least favourite was Borat," he told People magazine of his fictitious Kazakh journalist alter ego.

"Probably the best was (gay Austrian fashion journalist) Bruno because of the personal hygiene. Bruno showered, shaved, waxed."

Sacha spoke to the outlet on the BAFTA red carpet on Sunday, where he presented the award for Best Actress.

While the star had no problem getting into the venue this year with Isla (40), by his side, he admitted he had had some difficulty with the event's security in the past.

"The first award I ever got here, I actually wasn't allowed into the venue because they didn't believe that I was the guy who played Ali G," he said of his infamous character from The Ali G Show. "So they didn't give the award to anyone!"

While the guards didn't know who Sacha was then, he certainly made himself known at this year's ceremony, as he made a joke about the lack of diversity in the category as he took to the stage before naming the nominees.

"The main reason I agreed to present at this awards ceremony is that BAFTA has shown none of the discrimination and prejudice, which is so shamefully on display at the Oscars," he began. "It gives me great pride that every year BAFTA makes sure that one of the lead actress nominees is a dame … (Judi) Dench, (Maggie) Smith."

As he announced the absent Brie Larson as the winner, he added he was presenting the award to the Best "white" Actress.

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