Sad, mad fallen star

By admin
11 March 2011

Another week, another bout of bizarre behaviour from the man who is arguably having the most spectacular – and public – meltdown in recent Hollywood history.

Britney Spears shaved off all her hair and went wild for a while. And yes, Mel Gibson did get into a whole lot of trouble when he got nasty after being a devoted husband and dad for so long.

But Charlie Sheen’s implosion is different – mainly because he seems to be enjoying himself so much.

If you had to analyse it coldly the 45-year-old actor should be in the depths of despair. He’s been sacked from one of the top shows in TV, his ex-wives want him to have little to do with his kids and he’s generally regarded as being a step away from out-and-out insanity.

But in Charlie’s world everything is just hunky-dory. He has two gorgeous girlfriends – his goddesses, as he calls them – he’s in demand to appear on every talk show in America and already has a job offer (a series of live theatrical shows).

He took to the roof of Live Nation Entertainment, the company he’s in talks with about the live shows, and, brandishing a machete and a bottle of “tiger blood”, said he would use the machete to “destroy anybody who messes with my family”.

Charlie also announced his intention to sue Warner Brothers, which produces Two and a Half Men, for terminating his contract. Warner on the other hand is suing Charlie for revenue lost while he was undergoing treatment for his addictions.

Meanwhile, Charlie has launched Sheen’s Korner, a web-cam series in which he delivers rambling, profanity-riddled monologues.

Some believe Charlie might be bipolar, others – including his dad, actor Martin Sheen – that his drug abuse has altered his mental state.

“Addiction is a disease,” he says. “Charlie needs all the help he can get.”

And then there are others who think Charlie is on the verge of releasing his own reality TV show and the more publicity he gets – negative or otherwise – is to his advantage.

Either way things certainly have changed over the years. Below is a look at the fall from grace of a man once regarded as one of the most talented actors of his generation.

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