Sad news for Oscar and his family

By Jana Smit
10 October 2016

It's not yet clear if Oscar will be allowed to attend the funeral.

Convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius’ beloved granny, Gerti Pistorius (92) died early on Sunday morning.

Granny Gerti was the mother of Henke, Oscar’s father, and his uncles Arnold, Theo and Leo.

Johan van Wyk, who is married to Arnold’s daughter, Eunice, told YOU by telephone that Gerti died in hospital after a short illness. Johan says the family is sad but at peace. “She had a full life.”

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Shortly after Gerti’s death Aimee wrote on Instagram, “My darling Oumi has passed away.

You have always given so selflessly to your family and those around you. Selfishly I still need and want you with us but I know you were tired and ready to be with The Lord.

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“Thank you for all the love you have given us; the burdens you have carried for us; the wisdom that you have shared with us and the many ways that you have enriched the lives of everyone who has known you.”

According to Aimee, Gerti was one of the most beautiful and elegant women she has known. “I’m so blessed to call you mine. Thank you for fulfilling such a special maternal role in my life.”

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On Gerti’s Facebook page are two photos of her with Oscar. In one she’s embracing him lovingly.

Johan has confirmed that Gerti’s memorial service will be held at Kleinkaap in Pretoria on Friday.

South African legislation permits prisoners to apply, in exceptional cases, for the Department of Correctional Services to accompany them to important family occasions such as funerals.

At present it’s unclear if Oscar will attend his granny’s funeral.

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