Salma Hayek: My daughter's the boss

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30 May 2015

Salma Hayek's daughter is turning into her manager because she pushes her to work.

The 48-year-old actress is mother to seven-year-old Valentina, who she has with her husband François-Henri Pinault. Although she relishes being a mother Salma loves her work too, something her little one completely understands.

"If it's too difficult for her to be on set with me then I won't take the film. But Valentina wants me to work. She says that if a good offer comes in, I have to take it! She's turning into my manager!" she laughed to the US edition of OK! magazine.

'She says that if a good offer comes in, I have to take it'

Luckily, François-Henri is just as pro Salma's career. She feels lucky to have a husband who is so supportive and likes having a strong lady around, with the actress adamant she wouldn't change for anyone.

"My husband is a confident man who appreciates my independent character. He encouraged me to work and fulfil myself, and that's been one of the great strengths of our marriage. I don't want to turn into a society lady. I know how to behave if I'm invited to Buckingham Palace, but then I'm happy to go back to my ranch and feed my chickens," she explained.

While the star is happy to spend time with her pets, not everyone in her family is quite so keen on them. She joked that François-Henri is a little tired of her growing menagerie, so she's decided not to add to it anytime soon.

"I have nine dogs, two horses, parrots, rabbits and an alpaca. They all live on my ranch in LA. I also got a pig, but I'm giving it to a friend. My husband has had enough of my animals," she giggled.

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