Sam Claflin's hangover cures

Sam Claflin thinks the only thing that cures a hangover is "hair of the dog". The Hunger Games star plays rich boy Alistair Ryle in The Riot Club alongside actor pals Douglas Booth, Freddie Fox and Max Irons. When he has a lads' night out, the 28-year-old knows just what will sort him out the next day.

If not, a strawberry milkshake from McDonald's is good'

"Hair of the dog. I think it's the only thing that works," he stated to the latest edition of British Glamour magazine.

"If not, a strawberry milkshake from McDonald's is good."

Hollywood hottie Douglas, 22, revealed that a night out with him would include shots and plenty of Grey Goose vodka on the rocks.

For Sam, his beverage of choice depends on the mood.

"I go through phases where the only thing I'll drink is beer, and then phases when I only fancy red wine," he mused.

Luckily, the boys all got on famously on set. However, it did mean that work sometimes fell by the wayside.

"At the beginning we said, 'OK, let's take the script and rehearse at Soho House [in London].' I don't think we opened up one page and just ended up having a wet lunch and dinner... and breakfast the next morning," Sam grinned.

The Riot Club sees The Host star Max take on the role of Miles Richards, who's led astray by his new friends at England's prestigious Oxford University. He can relate to his character's rebel ways.

"I got kicked out of boarding school..." the 28-year-old divulged.

"A bit of drinking here, and a bit of smoking there, and being caught in bed with my girlfriend. That's the one that did it."

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