Sandra Bullock changes mind on make-up

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03 May 2015

Sandra Bullock has come to love make-up.

The Hollywood beauty previously proclaimed she was scared of cosmetics, admitting she only ever wore mascara.

However, it seems she's had a change of heart and has mastered more complex looks. Not everyone appears to be a fan though.

'Literally there was a look of horror on his face'

"I've come to love it [make-up]. But I never wear make-up unless I go out to dinner. Then I'll attempt the smoky eye. It looks like you're already hammered and you had a good time," Sandra laughed to People. "The first time my son saw me, I went into his room in the dark, and he's looking at me and was like, 'What's wrong with your face? You need to go take a bath!' I said, 'Honey, this is Momma trying to be sexy.' Literally there was a look of horror on his face."

Sandra (50) was recently crowned People's Most Beautiful Woman 2015, a title that shocked her. It's another award to add to her burgeoning collection, which includes an Oscar for her role in 2009's The Blind Side.

Since she adopted son Louis in 2010 Sandra has only made a handful of movies. One of these was 2013's Gravity which took home seven Academy Awards and countless other accolades. The space-set drama wowed critics and cinema goers alike, and Sandra made sure she took home a memento from set.

"Yes, I have the Gravity spacesuit hanging in my closet next to my event gowns. One of these days it's going to get worn in the carpool lane at school," she joked.

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