Sandra Bullock: George and I clash perfectly

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21 November 2015

Sandra Bullock insists there are never any challenges when it comes to working with George Clooney, as they "disagree well".

The Hollywood stars have been close friends for a long while and have teamed up on several projects over the years, the most recent being Our Brand Is Crisis, which Sandra appears in and George produced. It means they've shared plenty of experiences together, all of which make their bond stronger.

"We've seen each other through many facets and stages of life, and the nice thing is that we still like and admire each other at the end of it," she laughed to America's OK! magazine. "The challenges - there aren't any, because we disagree well."

'We've seen each other through many facets and stages of life'

George joined her for the chat and agreed with her comments, noting they "fight fair". The pals are pleased they're able to say that, suggested it's no mean feat given how long they've known each other. They're happy to poke fun at one another too, with Sandra claiming George stepped in as a body double for a scene in Our Brand Is Crisis where she's seen mooning a bus full of people.

The publication then asked George which one of Sandra's countless onscreen roles he'd take on if given the opportunity. "I think we all know it's Miss Congeniality," he grinned before referring to some of the final beauty pageant scenes. "I rock a swimsuit better than almost anybody - a one piece; the bikini is, you know... I'm 54."

"Have you seen his legs?" Sandra mused.

George is always keen to learn new skills on the set of a film, such as being able to pull impressive moves in a flashy car. While it's fun picking things up, the silver fox finds he doesn't hold onto the expertise for long as when production has finished, everything he's learnt seeps out as quickly as it went in.

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