Sandra Bullock hot in Hollywood

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27 January 2010

There’s a joke in Hollywood about SANDRA BULLOCK: all the roles we see her in are those Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep turned down. She gets the dregs, the sloppy seconds, which probably explains why it has been eight years since she last had a hit movie.

It turns out it’s the bubbly Miss Congeniality star who’s having the last laugh - she has become Hollywood’s hottest property again with unexpected back-to-back hits in two projects that Julia turned down and studio execs have been falling over themselves to cast her in their movies.

Sandra (45) has earned a Golden Globe award and is being tipped for an Oscar for The Blind Side, a feel-good drama based on a true story in which she plays a feisty Southern blonde who takes in a troubled, overweight black teenager and helps him achieve his dream of becoming an American football star.

Although awards are fun, bums on cinema seats really count as far as Hollywood bigwigs are concerned and it hasn’t gone unnoticed that Sandra’s movies are earning more at the box office than any other star’s. In fact Sandra made history with The Blind Side by becoming the first female star to carry a movie to more than $200 million (about R1,5 billion) in America.

From an early age she believed she was destined to be an opera singer like her mom, Helga Meyer, but when she went to college she discovered she enjoyed acting more and switched to drama.

Her first big movie appearance was in the 1993 action movie Demolition Man alongside Sylvester Stallone which paved the way for her role in Speed opposite Keanu Reeves the following year.

The ’90s proved to be very fruitful for Sandra but the 2000s weren’t as kind. After scoring a hit in 2002 with the romantic comedy Two Weeks’ Notice co-starring Hugh Grant, it was a downhill slide.

By 2008, with a string of flops under her belt, Sandra was left twiddling her thumbs - and that’s when she came across the script for The Blind Side.

Industry experts say thanks to this movie Sandra will no longer have to be content with Meryl and Julia’s castoffs.

The irony is this box-office rebirth comes just as Sandra has resolved to slow down. Her unlikely marriage to tattooed celebrity motorbiker Jesse James in 2005 proved the turning point, prompting her to reconsider her priorities. These days what takes precedence is setting up a stable and safe home environment for her stepdaughter, Sunny (5).

- The Blind Side will be released in SA on 16 April.

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