Sandra Bullock reveals how she really hides her wrinkles

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16 November 2015

Sandra Bullock got a fringe to hide her wrinkles.

The star is looking better than ever and seems completely loved up with her photographer beau Bryan Randall. And rather than go for fillers like many stars, the 51-year-old has simple tricks up her sleeve to keep her looking youthful.

"It's my fringe - it hides my wrinkles!" she giggled to Germany's TV Movie magazine.

'I've never been a great beauty'

Of course Sandra looks gorgeous with any hairstyle and she was even named People magazine's most beautiful woman for 2015. It came as a shock to the star, who has never thought much of her appearance.

"I've never been a great beauty. I've never been the bombshell that was coveted," she told the magazine. "In an odd way, that made growing older a lot easier in this business. I guess I'm doing it on my own terms, and that is my wish for everyone."

Ageing has also helped her reflect on life so far, with the brunette beauty saying she'd love to tell her younger self to not fret about everything so much. "I wasted so much time with worry. I wish I could get it back," she candidly admits.

Being a mother to her adoptive son Louis has also helped her gain perspective, with the star coming to terms with working in an industry that craves youth. However, she generally doesn't enjoy watching herself on the big screen and never stops to enjoy any of her previous work.

"I don't watch myself, but I've gotten better about looking at the work," she admitted. "I don't mind ageing on film, I just don't feel beautiful. If I see myself on TV, I flip right by it; I do not stop."

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