Sandra Bullock’s fight for stepdaughter

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09 April 2010

She waited until she was 40 and head over heels in love before she eventually walked down the aisle. “I’ve always been very sceptical about marriage because I want to do it only once,” she said. “And I want to do it the right way.”

But Sandra Bullock must be ruing the day she met the man who has broken her heart, shattered her cosy instant family and publicly humiliated her. And all this at a time when she should be feeling like a queen, basking in a year of success, recognition and red carpet adulation.

But the 45-year-old actress has barely been seen since that golden night last month when she won the best actress Oscar for her hit movie The Blind Side.

And Jesse James (40), the tattooed husband who glowed in his wife’s warm praise from the podium, has become America’s most hated man.

“Jesse was never in her league,” a friend says. “He has a different way of seeing the world. Sandra is a classy lady who throws herself 100 per cent into everything she does. She thought he was the same but he isn’t. That much is obvious.”

Sandra is said to be pressing ahead with the divorce - although there’s one thing that’s affecting her even more profoundly than the discovery that her husband is a sicko and a cheat. It’s the thought of losing his children, Chandler (15), Jesse Jnr (now 12) and Sunny (six).

“Sandra became an instant mom when she hooked up with Jesse and she was delighted,” a close friend says. “She always wanted motherhood. She and Sunny have a wonderful relationship.”

Which is why she intends to fight for the right to continue to see the little girl. “She knows legally speaking, as a stepmom, she doesn’t have much hope of getting joint custody or anything like that,” the source says. “But she loves Sunny too much not to fight for her.”

Jesse is unlikely to block Sandra from seeing the children, especially Sunny, the friend adds. “The truth is he feels terrible about what he’s done. Anything she wants he’s likely to give her.”

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