Sarah Jessica Parker learned about son's peanut allergy after medical emergency

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08 May 2016

Sarah Jessica Parker discovered her son had a dire peanut allergy after his babysitter fed him Chinese food leftovers.

The actress has become a spokesperson for Mylan's Anaphylaxis, an initiative set up to raise awareness about severe food allergies in kids, and she admits she had no idea her own son, James Wilkie, couldn't stomach peanuts until his minder took him to hospital.

"We learned about my son's peanut allergy when he was very, very young," she told Access Hollywood Live. "I was at the dentist and the babysitter rang and she told me that she had given him some of my leftover Chinese cold noodles... which have a very high concentrate of peanut.

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"He seemed to be fine but she was very wisely gonna take him to the doctor. I spoke to him briefly. And she said by the time she hung up the phone she could tell that his breathing was laboured and his lips had swollen... and she could see his throat closing and she just threw him under her arm like a football and ran to the paediatrician, where they immediately recognised it as anaphylaxis response and treated it.

"The next day my husband and I took him to a pediatric allergist and he was diagnosed with this severe peanut allergy and a less severe hazelnut allergy."

The Sex & the City star admits the diagnosis had a big impact on the way she and her husband Matthew Broderick parented.

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"It changed the way we had to function as parents and ultimately, when we had more children, as a family," she added.

"He's 13-and-a-half-years-old now; we send him out into the world hoping that we've been informative and created an action plan that works for him and for our family and given him all the tools he needs."

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