Sarah Jessica Parker worried about son's social media activity

07 February 2017

Sarah Jessica Parker is worrying about social media now her son has his own cellphone.

The actress insists she and her husband Matthew Broderick held out for as long as they could, but felt it was time their eldest child, 14-year-old James Wilke, had a new gadget for school - and now his mum has something else to fret about.

"I don't know what to do," she told Red magazine. "James has a phone for travelling to school, even though I travelled to school forever (without a phone), but we held off for longer than most parents."

The 51-year-old isn't too worried about her son's wellbeing now he has a phone, but she is concerned that he might not be kind with the technology at his fingertips.

Sarah Jessica, who is also mum to seven-year-old twins Tabitha and Loretta, admits she has always been uneasy with social media, even though she is an avid user of picture-sharing website Instagram.

"I'm unclear of my own boundaries," she says. "I'm unclear of how much I want to engage and how to have it not be a personal experience and how to have conversations that I think are productive with people when they're feeling anxious or angry or they're wanting to say unfriendly things."

However, she found social media useful last month when she got stuck in an elevator.

The former Sex and the City posted a video on Instagram from inside the elevator as engineers tried to force open the door.

She remained off-camera throughout the footage but explained what was happening to fans.

"Currently stuck in an elevator for eleven minutes now," she said. "Everybody's working hard. We're not panicked."

In another clip, she continued, "We remain stuck but we have food, water, charged phones. Excellent company. We've met new people, and we're very hopeful... But we do have to be some place in about 45 minutes."

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