Sarah Michelle Gellar: My daughter’s a performer

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08 March 2015

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s daughter takes after her parents.

The 37-year-old actress is mother to five-year-old Charlotte and son Rocky, two, with husband Freddie Prinze Jr.

And it seems her little girl may follow her mother and father into the entertainment industry, judging by her personality.

"Charlotte, my daughter, is my performer," Sarah told E! News. "She's my dramatic, definitely all-girl."

'She's my dramatic, definitely all-girl'

But when it comes to Rocky, he’s all about making people laugh.

Sarah added that the tot is already proving a hit with the opposite sex, and has countless female friends.

"He goes for the laugh, like, the girls in school all love him," Sarah said. "Sometimes I have to question whether he has any guy friends at school, ‘cause he'll come home and he'll talk about Lila, Lily, Scarlett, Poppy…and I'm like, 'Do you have boy friends? Do you have guy friends?' I'll get all these calls from these moms, like, all these girls asking for playdates with my son and I'm thinking, 'Oh my God, it starts already.'"

"He likes the older ladies, there's no question. He definitely likes my daughter's friends."

Sarah has always done her best to instil a sense of morality in her children. And it seems it has also rubbed off on Charlotte’s schoolmates.

"We've been getting the kids at my daughter's pre-school involved in things and now one by one, they've all stopped asking for presents at birthday parties and they all want to do different donations, whether it's canned food or baby diapers and wipes,” Sarah said.

"I didn't have much growing up, so I'm in a fortunate position where I can provide my daughter with dolls or toys, whatever that thing is. But to see her really want to give back for those other children is the best gift as a mother that I could ever receive."

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