SA’s big spenders

By admin
25 May 2012

They’re the backbone of our economy, or the TopEnd as these research-shy consumers have been dubbed. But don’t be fooled – it doesn’t refer only to the super-rich.

The UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing in partnership with Ramsay Media Research Solutions recently published the most comprehensive research ever about the TopEnd, consisting of about 900 000 adults with a household income of more than R30 000 a month of which the super-rich comprises only a fraction.

The rest are hard-working, productive citizens – and they’re responsible for nearly half of South Africa’s personal-tax revenue.

In SA’s diverse consumer society with its multiple challenges they’re the beacon that lights the way for the rest of us.

These findings about the TopEnd with its combined R300 billion buying power – about a third of SA’s total consumer spend – have caused a stir among business leaders and analysts. But what can be gleaned from the research?

Read more in Richard van Rensburg’s article in YOU 31 May 2012.

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