SA’s celeb power couple

By admin
23 April 2012

After two years together actor Emmanuel Castis and singer Louise Carver are one of SA’s power celeb couples – and life couldn’t be better for them.

They’re a busy twosome. Emmanuel (34) is starring in the third season of award-winning SABC2 drama Erfsondes and plays shady lounge singer Cole in’s Scandal!, while Louise (30) has a jewellery range and recently released her fourth album, Look to the Edge.

She was nominated for female artist of the year at the recent SA Music Awards but lost out to Lira. But they’re good friends and Lira wore Louise’s jewellery at the glitzy Sun City event.

In a few weeks Emmanuel and Louise will move into a modern house they’ve bought together in Blairgowrie in Joburg.

‘‘I love interiors so I’m looking after the inside of the house,’’ Louise says. ‘‘Emmanuel’s baby is the garden. He loves fish and wants to build a koi pond.’’

The fact they’re both in the limelight works well for them. ‘‘We’re very understanding and supportive of each other’s careers,’’ Emmanuel says. ‘‘Some people are insecure about who they are in their careers, then competitiveness starts.

But Louise and I are both successful in our own right.

Being supportive of each other’s careers for Louise means bracing herself when she sees Emmanuel in the arms of another woman – as in the first episode of the new Erfsondes series.

Emmanuel, who plays Chris, was celebrating the start of the show with friends so Louise was alone when she watched him in bed with actress Jana Strydom, who plays his character’s wife, Kate.

‘‘She was feeling his chest, kissing his ear and being tender towards my man,’’ Louise says. ‘‘I love Jana and her husband and we’re all friends but it was weird seeing someone else’s hand on your man’s chest. I was like, ‘why is she kissing his ear?’ ‘’

But she knows it’s just acting. ‘‘I’m practical about it, just as long as his leading ladies don’t have colds. I have to protect my voice.’’

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