Sassy tips from stylish Shashi

By admin
28 March 2014

Model Shashi Naidoo tells us how she stays stylish.

Ever wondered why model Shashi Naidoo always look so perfectly put together? The former FHM sexiest woman in the world gave us two tips she swears by.

When it comes to your make-up: “You need a strong natural look and a strong look with a red lip.” For this she advises you go to a professional to learn how to do your make up very well. Of course a professional make-up artist is not readily available to everybody so speak to the ladies that work at make-up counters. For when you feel like you have nothing to wear: “When I lack inspiration I look through magazines at the fashion inserts. You’ll be surprised what you have in your wardrobe. When I come across something I like to tear out the picture and keep it in a little book. So when I stand in front of my wardrobe and don’t know what to wear, I look through the book.”

Here are some of Shashi's best looks:

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