Satellite TV for R99 a month

By admin
07 May 2010

SA’s satellite TV industry is being shaken up by a new player, TopTV – and consumers are the winners. Competition has forced changes to the pay-TV packages currently available and pushed prices down.

‘‘South Africans who can afford between R99 and R249 a month will have access to world-class TV entertainment in all genres, including news and knowledge, movies, family, children, music, sport and cultural programming,’’ says Vino Govender, chief executive of TopTV’s holding company On Digital Media.

TopTV is likely to brighten the lives of consumers who haven’t been pay-TV subscribers and those who aren’t sport fanatics. Their target market is the 5,5 million viewers who don’t have DStv, publicity manager Melinda Connor says.

TopTV’s technology ensures reception and image quality conform to existing high standards.

Viewers have asked if they can use other dishes, for example those for DStv reception. Yes, Connor says, but probably with poorer reception. The positions of the satellites used by TopTV and DStv differ so their dishes face in different directions. The TopTV dish (about 80 cm) is also slightly bigger.

TopTV has just one standard decoder, manufactured by the same company that produces DStv’s decoders.

To get TopTV reception buy a decoder, remote and smart card at an approved store for R499. Call the TopTV call centre and ask for an installer to be sent to your home. The installer brings the dish and connects you. TopTV promises installation within 48 hours.

You pay a monthly subscription fee of between R99 and R249, depending on your chosen package. You can cancel TopTV service at any time or suspend it for a few months and resume later.

See the 13 May issue of YOU for details of the various TopTV packages.

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