Say it with your eyes

By admin
20 May 2013

We take a look at how to create magnificent eyes.


Step 1 Apply a light colour over the whole eyelid up to your eyebrows.

Step 2 Apply black eyeliner along top lashes and on the outer corner of the crease of the eyes. Apply eyeliner below the bottom lashes. Use the eyeliner smudger or an earbud to smudge the line.

Step 3 Apply a dark charcoal or black eyeshadow in the crease of the eye.

Step 4 Also apply the dark eyeshadow below the bottom lashes.

Step 5 Use a sheer, light colour in the inner corner of the eyes.

Step 6 Draw a black line in the inner lower rim of your eye. Apply one or two coats of black mascara

TIP: If you’re using dark or bright eyeshadow do your eye make-up before applying foundation.

TIP: Black, charcoal and grey are the usual shades for smoky eyes but colour combinations such as bronze and brown or gold and aubergine also look great.

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