Scandal: Zuma's 20th child

By admin
08 February 2010

he news spread around the world like wildfire: the South African president had recently fathered his 20th child.

It made the front pages of newspapers from London to Lusaka and triggered an international outpouring of dismay and disbelief. And here in SA it’s all anyone can talk about.

The revelation has dominated radio stations’ news bulletins, spurred several editors to condemn President Jacob Zuma’s behaviour, triggered a number of hard-hitting cartoons and given rise to endless debate.

The ANC declined to comment at length, saying only the 67-year-old leader’s private life is his business and has nothing to do with his running of the country.

But others disagree. Opposition leaders have labelled Zuma promiscuous and irresponsible, a sex addict who needs to go into rehab like golfer Tiger Woods and a gigolo who should stop running after women and start concentrating on being a leader. And the fact the president had unprotected sex with a woman who wasn’t one of his wives fuelled the controversy.

Several days after the revelation Zuma finally acknow­ledged he’d fathered the child. This despite the fact the mother, Sonono Khoza – 39-year-old daughter of Zuma’s long-time friend, soccer supremo Irvin ‘‘Iron Duke’’ Khoza – bizarrely feigning ignorance of having the president’s baby.

Read the full article in the 11 February issue of YOU.

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