School in Canada no longer gives homework

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02 September 2014

A school that doesn’t give its pupils any homework might sound like any child’s dream. But don’t think this is an easy way out for lazy kids.

Researchers have found learners who have to complete mass amounts of homework (more than one hour a night) achieve poorer results than when they don’t have to do homework, and now a Canadian school is putting this research to the test.

CTVNews reports the College de Saint-Ambroise in Quebec, Canada, has introduced a one-year pilot project in which none of the 339 students in Grades 1 to 6 will be given homework.

The school will still assign reading work and children will have to study after school for tests and exams, but the popular phrases “complete these four pages of maths exercises” or “finish this exercise on English grammar” will be a thing of the past.

A professor at the University of Arizona in the US, who’s also written a book called The End of Homework, said to CTVNews that primary school children often get home late after extracurricular activities, and that the addition of homework can be very draining and taxing on learners.

Studies in America by Indiana University’s School of Education that were done in 2012 mirrored what other researchers have found: homework doesn’t necessarily lead to better grades. Similarly, researchers from SEDL education research organisation in Texas, USA, found too much homework has adverse effects on children’s academic results.

Canada isn’t the first country to have schools that have considered scrapping homework. Primary schools in France have also experimented with the idea, as well as schools in England, reports the Mail Online.

These schools all believe having kids complete schoolwork during school hours and scrapping homework helps them focus, ensures they get enough rest and helps them achieve better academic results.

Sources: Mail Online, CTVNews,

-Mieke Vlok 

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