Scientists 'accidentally' discover brand new colour

By Mieke Vlok
29 June 2016

The new hue is quite beautiful.

The colour wheel has just become a bit more colourful.

Scientists from Oregan State University in the US have announced they've discovered a new shade of blue.

It's called YInMn and apparently will soon be used to colour everything from plastic to paint!

The clear blue shade reminds one of the mesmerising blue shade which Ancient Egyptians tried to create by mixing different materials.

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There is apparently also evidence which proves that the Mayans, who occupied the area which we now know as South America, tried to create a translucent blue just like this one.

PHOTO: Oregon State University PHOTO: Oregon State University

The colour was actually discovered by pharmacists at the Oregan State University in 2009 but can only now be declared as colour pigment because scientists needed to develop it further, explained the university in a statement.

“It was serendipity, actually; a happy, accidental discovery,” said Mas Subramanian, one of the chemists involved in the discovery.

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The colour was discovered ‘by accident’ when the team was testing new methods to try and cover electrical fittings. The colour is apparently very durable and won’t fade even when mixed with oil or water.

PHOTO: Oregon State University PHOTO: Oregon State University

It also contains no poisonous substances.

“The basic crystal structure we’re using for these pigments was known before, but no one had ever considered using it for any commercial purpose, including pigments,” added Subramanian.

As well as testing the blue pigment for other uses, the chemist now hopes to discover more new pigments by creating intentional laboratory “accidents.”

“Who knows what we may find?”

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