Scott Eastwood is enjoying single life

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22 April 2015

Scott Eastwood is too "selfish" to get married.

The 29-year-old star is known for his acting ability and good looks, which will no doubt have fans swooning when they go to see his new romantic drama The Longest Ride.

He's currently believed to be single and while he's previously gushed about being a big romantic, Scott is in no hurry to settle down.

"When you're looking, you don't find!" he laughed off the suggestion he's searching for The One in an interview with the German Cosmopolitan.

'Marriage definitely isn't on the horizon'

"I'm enjoying the single life. Marriage definitely isn't on the horizon, I'm much too selfish for that right now. Well, that's what my mom would say."

Scott is the son of Hollywood star Clint and flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves. While he gets tips and encouragement from his father, it's his mother's opinion that matters the most.

"She'd say I'm not as impatient as I used to be. And that she's proud of me," he smiled, when asked what his mum would say about him.

"When she tells me she's proud, it really touches me. Her opinion is very important to me. My mom, who no longer has anything to do with the film industry, is the most selfless person I know. She really is an angel."

The Longest Ride is all about a young couple and an old man, who changes their lives in unexpected ways. It's a chance for Scott to let his romantic side out, with one scene showing his character, Luke, organising a lakeside picnic for his date Sophia, played by Britt Robertson.

"I love old-school dates like that," he confessed. "I'm really not a fan of taking a girl to a fancy restaurant. I don't think women like that, either. Well, at least not the ones I like. A perfect date is a walk along the beach, grabbing a bit to eat, talking..."

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