Seal: Kids come first

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16 November 2015

Seal wouldn't start a new relationship unless he felt "certain" about it, as it affects his kids too.

The legendary singer's love life is just as famous as his music; he was married to supermodel Heidi Klum from 2005 until their separation in 2012 and the former couple have three children together, with Seal also acting as a father to her daughter Helene. He's currently dating fashion star Erica Packer and in August there were rumours she was expecting a baby with him. Luckily for Seal and Heidi they have remained on good terms for the sake of their offspring, who he always puts first.

"It's about doing what's best for them, not what you want to do," he explained to Britain's Closer magazine. "I always think parenting is the toughest gig because it's the only one where you're not afforded the luxuries of error. Every mistake is costly - and they remember things!

'It's about doing what's best for them'

"There's something greater than yourself when you have children and the focus shifts. I wouldn't bring a new partner into my life now unless I was certain. I spend a lot of time with my kids, so it's not just your life, it's theirs, too."

Seal's fathering skills are a far cry from those of his own dad, whose abusive nature led to the musician sleeping rough as a teenager. Several decades later the star is enjoying success thanks to hit tracks such as Kiss from a Rose and Crazy, which have won him accolades including four Grammys. He sees the same talent in his sons Henry and Johan, so it wouldn't be a surprise if the youngsters end up wowing with their vocals too.

"Henry and Johan have got really good voices, although Henry doesn't think he has," Seal (52) smiled. "I want them to follow their own path - I don't mind them going into the music industry, but I want them to do something they're passionate about."

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