Sean Penn: 'I knew I was risking my life'

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19 January 2016

Sean Penn took a huge leap of faith when he agreed to meet fugitive drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman in the Mexican jungle last year, because he knew his life could end at any second.

The Oscar winner sat down for a seven-hour interview with the crime boss as part of an article he was hoping to write about the war on drugs for Rolling Stone magazine, and he admits he never felt completely safe.

In a new interview, as part of a piece which aired on U.S. news show 60 Minutes on Sunday , the Mystic River star confessed he knew his secret meeting with El Chapo, which was arranged by actress Kate del Castillo, was dangerous.

"I think it's ludicrous to not consider what can be an extremely unpredictable situation, where you have a lot of irrational people, where you have somebody who is the target of militaries (sic) and law enforcement," Penn told newsman Charlie Rose.

"But look, I don't know how to fly an airplane, man, and every time I get on the plane I'm relaxed - (but) I don't know if those two guys (pilots) are gonna have a heart attack and this big bird's gonna fall out of the sky.

"So, once you make the decision, you focus on the things that you can control."

Although he feared for his life, Penn wants to have another discussion with El Chapo in the future.

"I hope to talk to him again, under whatever circumstances," he said. "I'm interested in asking more."

These portions of the interview with Rose did not appear in the 60 Minutes special.

Penn's 10,000-word article about his encounter with El Chapo was published online earlier this month, a day after the fugitive was recaptured at his hide-out.

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