See the model who everyone thinks looks just like Angelina Jolie

By Kirstin Buick
20 April 2016

She's one of Kylie Jenner's BFFs, and fans reckon she's "1000 times prettier" than Angie.

Happy birthday miss perfect

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Read more: Justin Bieber lookalike found dead in hotel room The Los Angeles model catapulted to social media superstardom after she appeared in an ad for Kylie Jenner's lip gloss range and fans spotted the remarkable likeness.

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Mara's Instagram followers are constantly commenting on how much she looks like the Oscar-winning actress and director -- as if the 21-year-old needed reminding.

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"Angelina 2.0?" a follower queried on a recent post, while another added "They're saying she look[s] like Angelina Jolie! She does! And super gorgeous too!! She's one of Kylie's friend[s] (of course right) lol she's hot."

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Another gushed, "Honey you are 1000 [times] prettier." Much like the 40-year-old mother of six, Mara boasts large almond-shaped eyes, long dark locks and an incredibly full pout.

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Her stint in Kylie's music-video ad is not her only big gig -- she's already appeared in advertisements for Milani Cosmetics and Frankie's Bikinis.

But Kylie's weird, Spring Breakers-esque video (viewed almost eight million times on YouTube) definitely takes the cake.

See for yourself...

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