Selena Gomez goes nude for album cover

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09 September 2015

Selena Gomez has gone nude for the cover of her album Revival.


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The 23-year-old actress-and-singer is experiencing a personal rebirth of sorts, having parted from longtime boyfriend Justin Bieber for good last year.

She is also winning her ongoing battle with lupus, an autoimmune disease that causes chronic inflammation, having first been diagnosed with the malady in 2013.

'This time I've really let myself be inspired by rap sounds'

Although her maturation process has been extreme, Selena chose to bare all on the cover for her sophomore album Revival, sharing the sexy cover art with fans on Twitter on Tuesday.

In the black and white picture Selena is crossing her legs while long dark locks cover her exposed bosom. Although she appears to be in a vulnerable position, Selena stares directly into the camera in the sexy image, suggesting power and confidence.

Revival will be officially released in October and the first single from the album is Good For You featuring A$AP Rocky.

Although Selena has been well-known for embracing a purely pop sound over the years, her fresh work’s slightly more hardcore nature is no accident.

"This time I've really let myself be inspired by rap sounds," she revealed to German magazine Jolie recently. "But generally, I just want to make feel-good songs that make people want to dance."

Selena also thought back to the albums she listened to growing up for inspiration. She tried to incorporate the sounds of these LPs into the new music.

“I grew up with Britney and *NSYNC and Janet and all those people,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I would buy the copy, read the thank yous, and I felt like I knew them. Christina [Aguilera]’s Stripped was one of my favourites. What I loved about Revival is that it felt like there was a fluid story.”

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