Selfies help get over heartbreak

By admin
16 August 2015

Last week we had the news that women really do take breakups harder than men, although they eventually manage to move on better. Now we're hearing that ladies are adopting brand new ways to help with that process, with selfies top of the list.

According to a new poll, one in three women take pictures of themselves once a relationship ends. They apparently see this as a great confidence booster, after all who doesn't like staring at a snap of themselves looking hot? One in 12 take that to the next level though, opting to take shots of themselves flashing their bodies in bikinis. The idea is to show their ex what they're missing out on - revenge is the best cure it seems.

Fashion site commissioned the report, and claims it shows selfies are completely changing the way people cope with love splits. According to Ofcom, Brits took a staggering 1.2 billion selfies last year and young women are the most prolific. In fact, 37 per cent of those quizzed said they liked posting self-taken images on sites like Twitter and Instagram because it helped them feel more confident. And it seems even celebs aren't above the trend - Perrie Edwards' profiles have been awash with snaps of herself following her split from former One Direction hunk Zayn Malik.

Selfies aren't the only way we're dealing with heartache though. Three out of five when questioned admitted donning items from their ex's wardrobe as they tried to cope with their sudden single status, with 42 per cent of guys doing the same.

2,000 people took part in the survey, where favourite selfies were also looked at. Shoes ranked at the top, with shots of wedding gowns and evening dresses also featuring heavily.

If taking photos of yourself makes you feel better when you're getting over a breakup then go for it, but it's best not to get too dependent on online comments. Just as some people will love praising people on social media there will be others who like criticising and causing misery - not what you want when you already feel down. It's a much better idea to turn to your friends and family for support during hard times and use social media for what it's meant for - to have light and easy fun.

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