Serial killer celebrates his birthday with new record for the most years in solitary confinement

By Kim Abrahams
27 June 2017

The nature of the crimes he’s committed are chilling.

A British man recently celebrated his 64th birthday with a new record to his name – but it’s not the kind you’d be proud of.

Convicted killer Robert Maudsley now holds the United Kingdom's record for the longest time spent in solitary confinement.

He’s spent the last 39 years of his life alone in a prison cell, spending 23 hours of his day locked in with no human contact. Even his daily hour of exercise is spent alone as Maudsley is prohibited from interacting with other inmates.

The nature of the crimes he’s committed are chilling, and it’s understandable that the pensioner is considered a threat to his fellow innmates.

Maudsley’s first crime was committed in 1974, when he strangled a man, who had picked him up for sex, to death.

While serving his time in Wakefield Jail, West Yorks, for the murder, the then-twenty-five-year-old ruthlessly killed a fellow inmate.

Using a soup spoon he had sharpened, Maudsley pierced it through 46-year-old Salney Darwood’s head and hid the body under a bunk.

Continuing his killing spree, the slayer bashed the head of William Roberts, another convict, into a wall. He then used a self-made knife to cut through William’s head, allegedly to eat his brain.

Casually, he strolled up to an officer and said: “There’ll be two short on the roll call.”

In 1983 he was deemed too violent for a normal cell and was sent to solitary confinement. He’s been there ever since.

According to reports, Maudsley’s cell only houses a chair and table made of compressed cardboard and a concrete slab as a bed. A toilet and sink are secured to the floor.

Maudsley was born as one of 12 children on 26 June 1953 in Liverpool.

He spent most of his childhood years in a children’s home, Nazareth House, and when he was put back into the care of his parents, he was regularly beaten.

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Social services eventually intervened and removed him from their care.

He later developed a drug addiction and sought psychiatric help after failed suicide attempts.

During these consultations with doctors, Maudsley revealed he heard voices telling him to kill his parents.

He claimed he was raped as a child, which left deep psychological scars.

He further said if he had killed his parents back then, the other people he had murdered didn’t have to die.

His pleas to commit suicide via a cyanide capsule have been rejected, as well as his request for a pet budgie.

Maudsley even made an appeal to play board games with prison officials to relieve his boredom, but that, too, was denied.


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