Seth Rogen and James Franco recreate Kanye video

By admin
27 November 2013

James Franco has recreated Kanye West's Bound 2 video, with Seth Rogen appearing topless to replace Kim Kardashian.

The two actors have remade the raunchy clip - which sees Kanye riding a motorbike while straddled by his topless fiancée Kim Kardashian - shot-for-shot and re-titled it Bound 3.

In the new version, Seth plays the role of Kim, and dry humps James - wearing a tie-dye T-shirt - as they ride in front of a desert backdrop.

Introducing the clip, James wrote on instagram: "#bound3 #sethrogen #love - A LITTLE VIDEO SeTH AND I mADE IN OUR DOWN TIME. (sic)"

Next to another still, which shows them appearing to kiss passionately, he added: "I LOvE SETh (sic)"

James and Seth made the spoof clip during a break from filming their latest movie The Interview. Kanye premiered the video to Bound 2 last week, and when asked about the decision to include so many raunchy images of his partner - who gave birth to the couple's first child, North West, in June before embarking on a crash weight-loss diet to regain her figure - said he felt she "deserved" a starring role. He said: "It was just awesome. I think that Kim is awesome and she just deserved an awesome moment like that." Kim has responded good-naturedly to the spoof video, writing on Twitter: “You nailed it!!! Sooo funny! RT @Sethrogen: #Bound3 …. Enjoy!!!!!!”

Watch the spoof video here:

And the original:

Or watch both, side-by-side:


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