Seth Rogen was a bad neighbour

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01 May 2014

Seth Rogen admits he was a bad neighbour once as he used to shove cheeseburgers through a fellow resident's postbox.

 We know he’s a prankster but even he admits he took things too far with his neighbours. Actor Seth Rogen confessed he used to push cheeseburgers through his neighbour's postbox. The 32-year-old actor, who plays Mac Radner in the new film Bad Neighbours, admits he used to have an on-going feud with one of his fellow residents, but got enjoyment out of shoving meaty treats through his door. Speaking on the Graham Norton Show he said: "I used to live with the actor Martin Starr and our neighbour hated us. We would go to McDonalds and shove cheeseburgers down in his mail slot."

‘We would go to McDonalds and shove cheeseburgers down in his mail slot’

Seth's co-star Zac Efron admits he too has had a bad experience with neighbours in the past as fans would knock on his windows in the middle of the night.

He explained: "I lived in this case study house it was designed with all windows all around the house.In the middle of the night and there would be people tapping on the glass. I started keeping a samurai sword by my bed in case."

However, Seth can understand why Zac (26) was bombarded with fans because he thinks women can't help but be "seduced" by his good looks and charm.  He said of the High School Musical star: "There is no demographic that is not seduced by him."

"Women make a noise that I've never heard in my life when they see Zac. I could spend three hours with a woman and she would never make that sound."

-Bang Showbiz

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