Sex and the Secrecy

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21 May 2010

What’s this? Fishnet stockings, PVC boots, waistcoats and leopard print? And on the fabulously fashionable foursome of Sex and the City?

There’s no need to worry: the garish outfits feature only in the intro to the film which shows how Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte met in the ’80s.

That we’re seeing the sneak peeks at all is a miracle. The producers were so determined to keep the film under wraps actors Sarah Jessica Parker (45), Kim Cattrall (53), Kristin Davis (45) and Cynthia Nixon (44) had to agree to the condition of a fine of millions of dollars if they let slip anything about the storyline.

Of course that only added to the anticipation - fans became so frenzied heavy security was hired to protect the cast when they filmed in New York, London and Morocco. And several fake scenes were also shot to confuse the prying media.

The anticipation will come to an end when Sex and the City 2 opens in South African cinemas on 28 May. And although one celebrity blogger says the characters have aged to the point the film poster looks doctored fans don’t care. In fact it’s part of the sequel’s winning recipe.

“If we stayed the same, going out and drinking and having sex, we would turn into Absolutely Fabulous, which isn’t what we are,” Cynthia, who plays Miranda, says.

This film picks up with Carrie (SJP) struggling with life as Mrs John Preston. “Carrie learns there’s a difference between having a wedding and being married,” she reveals.

Meanwhile Miranda Hobbes is having trouble at the office. “Miranda is made partner in a great law firm. She has a terrific salary but she has a new boss who can’t stand the sight or sound of her,” Cynthia says.

Charlotte York-Goldenblatt (Kristin) finds motherhood isn’t the fairytale she’d dreamt of. “Things aren’t going smoothly for Charlotte,” Kristin says. “She still wants everything to be perfect and it’s hard for her to accept that it’s not.”

Fans can brace themselves for a newly single Samantha (Kim) getting up to her old shenanigans, menopausal or not.

It’s drama all round for the women in a story that includes a spontaneous trip to Abu Dhabi, Carrie bumping into her first fiancé, an unlikely marriage and a pregnancy. There are also enough guest appearances to make your head spin - Penélope Cruz as a seductress who catches the eye of Mr Big, Miley Cyrus, Heidi Klum, Mariah Carey, Liza Minnelli and Bette Midler, who’s rumoured to be playing Carrie’s mom.

And what would a Sex and the City film be without loads of ridiculously gorgeous fashion to drool over?

The fab four once again live out many women’s fashion fantasies. We’ll see them in shimmering dresses, bathing suits and heels galore from an array of top designers in a costume budget rumoured to have been $10 million (about R75 million).

Not that we’d expect anything less.

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