Shane’s battle to win back Liz

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07 October 2013

Shane Warne has been battling to win back his ex-fiancée, Liz Hurley, after he posted heartfelt tweets calling her an "angel" in the hopes of repairing their relationship.

Shane Warne is battling to win back Liz Hurley with heartfelt tweets.

The former cricketer posted a gushing message describing his ex-fiancée as an "angel" after seeing pictures of her without her engagement ring at a breast cancer charity event in New York.

He wrote on Twitter, "Well done on all the wonderful work you do. Hope the week was a another huge success. Very proud of you angel. [sic]"

The couple reportedly split because the 44-year-old retired sportsman wouldn't set a wedding date, but he’s said to be "desperate" to win the actress back.

An insider told The Sun on Sunday newspaper, "Shane has hated seeing pictures of Liz without her ring and is desperate to win her back.

"He's been reluctant to admit things are over and is missing her."

And while the 48-year-old star thanked him for the kind words and said Shane was "missed by all" at the event, she’s reportedly not completely convinced they can make it work. The source added, "Shane's efforts to get Liz back may have warmed her heart, but she will be more reluctant to make it happen than him." -Bang Showbiz Share your thoughts:

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