Shannen Doherty is on her way to full recovery

07 March 2017

Actress Shannen Doherty is feeling strong after completing chemotherapy for Stage 4 breast cancer.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 star finished the health treatments on Friday, over a year after revealing she was battling the disease in 2015, and the 45-year-old insists she's doing "great".

“I'm happy with the little Twiggy haircut (I have) at the moment," she tells Extra of the cute short hairdo she is sporting after losing all of her hair from the radiation treatment. "I'm rocking it… I get ready in, like, five minutes, so it's fantastic."

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The positive star revealed her new look at the First Annual Gratitude Gala for founder Marc Ching's Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. Shannen and Marc have become extremely close friends over the years, and she credits the philanthropist's work with rescue animals for helping her healing process.

"Marc has helped me through my journey quite a bit,” she reveals, tearing up. “Watching how he has again stepped into darkness, stepped into literally the depths of hell to save animals and to educate men who have done nothing but slaughter their entire lives, to see him be able to do that day in and day out gave me a lot of strength.”

“I'm here and I'm here doing something that's so important to me with a foundation that means the world to me that I'm so honoured to be a part of,” she adds. "I just, I thank God that I'm able to stand here next to this man right now.”

Shannen also relied on dancing to lift her spirits throughout her health crisis, noting she worked with a personal trainer whenever she had the physical strength to bust a move.

“It brought positivity and fun when you were faced with something that's not so fun,” she says.

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