Sharon Osbourne caught Ozzy in bed with TWO nannies

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04 March 2016

We all know Sharon and Ozzy have been through a lot over the years, but apparently no one knows the full extent of the drama the rockstar couple has survived.

The talk show host recently dropped another bomb about the pair’s turbulent past on The Talk, admitting she’d caught  the Black Sabbath star in bed with not one but two of her children’s nannies, US Weekly reports.

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“We used to have four nannies, because I had three children,” the 63-year-old, who is mom to Aimee (32), Jack (30) and Kelly Osbourne (31), said. “I would work five days a week, I would travel.

“You can’t work a nanny seven days a week.”

But having so many nannies around proved more trouble than it was worth, according to the reality star.

“They were all wanting to be celebrities. They were all wanting money… I caught two of them in bed with Ozzy!”

Sharon said it was at “different times,” but that “it goes on and on.”

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Sharon was prompted to open up on the show when talk turned to Susan Sarandon’s daughter Eva Amurri Martino’s recent blog post about how she and her husband had fired the nanny because she had “accidentally” texted her husband saying she wanted to "f*** his brains out."

While Sharon and her 67-year-old husband seem to be on more solid ground now, their union has been anything but wedded bliss. They managed to weather years of violence and drug abuse, and even split briefly in 2013 when Ozzy fell off the wagon again.

Sharon rationalised her husband’s adultery by saying he was “out of his mind” [on drugs] when it happened.

So what did she do about it? Instead of kicking her husband to the curb, Sharon hired a nanny of a different sort.

“At the end of the day, I hired a manny called 'Big Dave,'” she concluded. “Never trust a nanny!”

Sources: MailOnline, US Weekly, CBS

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