Sharon Osbourne: Few survive reality TV!

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15 November 2014

Sharon Osbourne takes pride in being a member of the only family “that’s really survived” reality television.

The TV star, husband Ozzy and two of their children, Jack and Kelly, earned a new generation of fans when their MTV show The Osbournes launched in 2002.

'There's no sex tapes and no arrests, so it's nice'

The series concluded in 2005, and Sharon insists much has changed since.

But the family matriarch, who recently announced they would soon be returning for eight final episodes, believes history has proven few families are able to stay in tact while playing out their lives for cameras.

"It's a catch up. It's been 12 years since filming. We're the only family that's really survived,” she told UK newspaper The Mirror about the planned return.

"We're the same though, except we're all married now. There's no sex tapes and no arrests, so it's nice,” she added, appearing to take a swipe at Kim Kardashian, whose sex tape famously preceded her family’s ongoing series on E! network.

Asked if the Osbournes' return to television would be “better” than Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Sharon was hesitant to respond.

"Well, we've got…” she started before stopping herself. “I'd better not say,” the typically outspoken star reasoned.

Sharon has previously insisted her family’s return would be a one-off, warning fans not to expect too much.

"As I say it’s not forever, no more than eight episodes. It’s a kind of catch-up, what they’re doing now,” she said upon announcing the news on ITV's Loose Women.

The star said filming is slated to begin in January.

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