Sharon Osbourne gets some bad news from the doctor

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19 January 2015

Sharon Osbourne is rattled by the knowledge she carries two Alzheimer’s genes.

'There is nothing I can do to prevent it, nothing'

The 62-year-old television personality has been married to Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne since 1982.

The couple recently underwent some thorough medical examinations and the results disturb Sharon.

“Ozzy and I had these tests done at a university in England, and the results took three months to come back,” she told British newspaper The Mirror.

“They test every single cell, chromosome and gene in your body; it’s like a DNA test but a million times more sophisticated.

“The results showed I have two of the four genes that give it to you. They’re not the two major genes, but they’re still there and I have them.”

Sharon is the daughter of ballet dancer Hope Shaw and innovative music manager Don Arden.

Don perished at the age of 81 from the disease in 2007 and Sharon remembers his final years being marred by dementia.

“I was terrified because my dad died from Alzheimer’s,” she shared.

“It is the most soul-destroying disease. To see someone you love come down with it... it’s wicked, it really is.

“There is nothing I can do to prevent it, nothing. People say to take cod liver oil and do puzzles and things, but then I look at people diagnosed with dementia.

“My father was super active mentally, and take Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan... they were all so active, and that’s what really frightens me.”

Ozzy, 66, is known the world over for his former party lifestyle, which saw him drink a lot and take many drugs in the past.

But apparently he has a clean bill of health.

“They originally offered the test to Ozzy because they couldn’t believe he was still alive after all he’d been through. They wanted to use him as an experiment,” Sharon laughed.

“So Ozzy had it done and, unbelievably, he came out so clean. He came out allergic to alcohol, coffee and dust. Dust! He is so healthy, it’s ridiculous.”

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