Sharon Stone: Superwoman is my motto

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21 June 2015

Sharon Stone has adopted a “Superwoman” position on life of late.

The 57-year-old Casino actress is a single mother to three adopted children—Roan (15) Laird (10) and Quinn,nine.

The star admits parenthood can get quite demanding at times, so whenever she needs a pick-me-up, Sharon listens to her theme song.

'I listen to that and it gets me going'

“Like every mom, there are just not enough hours in the day, especially when you’re a working mom,” she told Closer Weekly. “I love the Alicia Keys song Superwoman — that’s kind of my motto. I listen to that and it gets me going. I know we are all kind of doing the same thing.”

Sharon is so in love with motherhood, she’s almost forgotten what it’s like not to have children.

The Basic Instinct star even finds herself unconsciously disassociating from those without offspring every now and again.

“I find that it creates such an incredible meaning and such a compelling sense of intimacy and understanding that it’s hard to relate to people that don’t have children,” she noted.

Sharon divorced from husband Phil Bronstein in 2004 after being married to the journalist for six years.

Although she is not currently dating anyone, the star has a list of qualities she’s seeking in a future partner.

“[I want to date] someone who loves children and who is smart and kind,” she said.

Sharon is one of Hollywood’s most iconic sex symbols.

But contrary to popular belief, she is not inundated with advances from potential suitors.

“I wish more guys would throw themselves at me,” she told British newspaper The Mirror recently. “Guys run away. People bought into the story that I’m a sex symbol but I’m not really. I’m really the girl with the baggy clothes and the bag of books. People are afraid of me.”

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