'Shattered': Devastated Carl reacts to Oscar's news

By Almari Wessels
04 March 2016

Oscar now faces the prospect of a 15-year jail sentence.

S h a t t e r e d – with spaces between the letters to express the extent of his shock.

That’s how Carl Pistorius, older brother of Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius, described his utter dejection on social media after the former Paralympic hero lost his battle to have his status as murderer overturned.

Oscar was once the personification of the heights a physically disabled person could reach. But on that fateful Valentine’s Day three years ago when he shot and killed his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, his life changed in the blink of an eye.

And now the constitutional court has denied him leave to appeal against the ruling of South Africa’s supreme court of appeal in Bloemfontein, which found him guilty of murder.

Carl - screenshot

“I have asked you not to call me. Do you not have a soul to respect someone in a time like this that all you can think of is your career?” the troubled former athlete was reported to have SMSed a journalist of The Times who approached him last night for comment.

Carl, Oscar and their younger sister, Aimée, have been extremely close since childhood and have made it through tough times together, like when their mom, Sheila, and dad, Henke divorced, and after Sheila’s death in 2002.

On Christmas Eve last year Carl shared on social media that he was using his late mom’s old lasagne recipe for a family meal.

Carl - lasagneWhether the siblings will be celebrating Christmas together again soon remains to be seen. Oscar will discover his fate on 18 April when he has to appear for sentencing in the high court in Pretoria.

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