Shay Mitchell: I embrace kissing women

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13 January 2015

Shay Mitchell “completely embraces” making out with women.

The 27-year-old actress plays lesbian character Emily Fields in ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars. And she’s more than content with the fact that her part requires her to get intimate with other girls.

'I completely embrace it'

"People ask what it's like kissing a woman, as if there's something awkward or weird about it," she told Maxim magazine. "I completely embrace it. When I step into Emily's shoes, I'm truly in the moment, and I'm fully attracted to the women I'm fooling around with. I'm not Shay when I'm doing the scene; I'm Emily."

The teen series has been running since 2010, and Shay thinks the large audience base isn’t just female-heavy. According to her, the “sexy” girl-on-girl scenes attract males for curiosity purposes.

"It's sexy because two beautiful girls are softer, more sensuous, slower and also sort of educational," she suggested. "Guys watch because they like to learn from it. It's like, ‘Hey, what's she doing to that other girl's body that I might want to try?'"

When it comes to her own personal life and relationships, Shay says she’s single and refuses to settle for anything less than she deserves. Specifically, if a guy pulls out his phone on a date with her, she’s no longer interested.

"I don't want a guy unless he's mine alone. I want eye contact, phones face down on the table. If there's something in the room that's more interesting than me, why are we even pretending?" she declared.

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