'She loves to ride': Mom defends letting 7-year-old daughter ride on back of motorcycle

By Samantha Luiz
03 May 2015

A mom has taken to Facebook to defend a viral photo showing her 7-year-old daughter riding on the back of her boyfriend's motorcycle.

A mom has taken to Facebook to defend a viral photo showing her seven-year-old daughter riding on the back of her boyfriend's motorcycle.

"I love my daughter and she loves to ride, so I allow her to ride on the back of a motorcycle in full gear with my boyfriend who has 20+ years of experience," wrote Mallory Torres, adding that it was not her daughter's first ride.

"She also wants a bike of her own which is why we AS PARENTS feel the need to give her as much passenger riding experience as possible before she is allowed to ride on her own."

Addressing the parents who said it's dangerous to let her child ride on the motorcycle, she said "so is allowing your children to participate in sports."

"How many times has your child gotten a bruise, scrape, or hell even a broken bone from a sport? Want to know how many MY daughter has had? Zero. That's right. NOT ONE SCRAPE, BUMP OR BRUISE from riding," she wrote in the caption accompanying the viral photo taken by a motorist.

Mallory then went on to encourage parents to stop judging other's parenting skills.

"If you want to keep your child in a bubble, by all means go for it. If you wouldn't allow your child on the back of a motorcycle, then don't, that's your choice as a parent and I support you," she wrote in the post that has been shared more than 42 000 times.

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"But do not call us bad parents because we don't lock our kids in their bedroom with iPads and cell phones. Don't call us bad parents for allowing our children to experience LIVING.

"Don't call us bad parents for enjoying putting a smile on our kids face every now and then with a motorcycle ride home after school. I WILL continue to allow my daughter to ride if she wants to. I WILL continue to be the best parent I can be.

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"I WILL continue to keep my kids happy and pray that they are safe whether it be at school, at home, at a friend's house, on the basketball court, or on a motorcycle. I'll tell you what i WON'T do though.

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"I won't keep my child from riding just because a handful of close minded, ignorant people think they are the definition of a "perfect parent".

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