'She was just a friend': Woman accused of writing 'love letters' to husband's mistress

By Kim Abrahams
20 June 2017

The school principal's wife has broken her silence about ‘love letters’ she wrote to a teacher her husband allegedly had an affair with.

The wife of Paarl Gymnasium principal Danie le Roux has broken her silence about the "love letters" she wrote to a teacher at his school with whom he allegedly had an affair.

Eloise le Roux addressed the rumoured letters for the first time on Monday, according to Netwerk24.

The letters were addressed to teacher Sunita van Dyk (31), who along with her husband, farm manager Jacques (30), died when their home on a farm in Wellington in the Western Cape suspiciously burned down in May.

Since then, rumours began circulating that Danie and Sunita had had an affair.

But new reports reveal that Eloise had written what appears to be love letters to Sunita. The two women had been close friends, with Eloise referring to Sunita as her sister.

In one of the letters, which was published by News24, Eloise writes, “Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around.”

She further notes that it’s been two months since they became friends and says it’s been the most wonderful two months ever, adding her hope that the friendship will "just grow and grow - like the flowers you gave me".

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Upset that the letters were made out to be romantic rather than platonic, Eloise has broken her silence, clarifying what the purpose of her letters to Sunita was.

"She was just a friend. Our friendship was special because she was like a sister to me," Eloise said.

"I'm praying for this to go away but it's just getting worse."

She explained that growing up with only brothers made her find a sister-figure in Sunita.

“She was like a sister to me; there was a void and she filled it.

"I make no secret of telling someone how I feel about them.

"We were just friends. It makes me sad that something as beautiful as our friendship is being distorted. Because I'm a loving person I write letters to everyone. I also have letters from Sunita," she added, emphasising there was nothing romantic between them.

An investigation into Sunita and Jacques' deaths is underway, EWN reports.

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