She's healthy, she's home, she's safe – owner of dog switched at parlour

By admin
14 January 2016

Lulu, the 18-month-old Maltese Yorkie who had been missing for nearly a week, has been reunited with her family after she was mistakenly handed to the wrong owner at a Bedfordview dog parlour.

According to her owner, Cherene de Wet, the person who had her dog noticed that it was behaving strangely but only connected the dots after reading an article published online.

"His wife had dropped the doggie off and when he realised that Lulu was acting all strange and stuff, he couldn't quite understand it and then apparently he came across your article, read it and put two and two together and phoned Lucky Dogs straight away and said, 'I've got the dog'."

De Wet then received a call from the parlour owner saying she was outside her home with her dog. "When I got there Lulu was home and everyone was happy, it was just fantastic," she said.

When she heard the news, De Wet was still at work and her colleagues had to calm her down. "I couldn't stop crying, I really couldn't stop crying and when I saw her it was just such a relief I [can't] explain the feeling.

"I can't thank him enough for coming forward, really I can't. She's healthy, she's happy, she's home."

Parlour owner Anka Anteglievic's daughter Lana told News24 that the man, who is one of their oldest clients, called her on Wednesday morning, shortly after reading an article about Lulu on News24.

"He called and I went to him and we got the right dog, it was done so quickly."

The man had been a client of the parlour for 23 years and had recently got a new dog. Because he had a broken leg, the man had asked his wife to take the Maltese to the parlour on his behalf.

Anteglievic said she was not familiar with the man's wife, and thus failed to link the dog to him.

She then fetched the Maltese Yorkshire and gave them back their Maltese and headed straight to De Wet's home to hand the dog over to its rightful owners.

Since last Thursday, De Wet had been desperately trying to find Lulu after she was mistakenly handed to the wrong owner. The woman who collected Lulu had not left her contact details at the parlour, making it difficult to reach her.

De Wet became anxious as the days went by because Lulu suffered from a severe liver problem and had a specific diet but said her dog was healthy and well taken care of while she was away.


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