Shia slams ‘celebrity baggage’

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19 April 2015

Shia LaBeouf is happy he dropped “the baggage of celebrity”.

The 28-year-old Transformers star hit headlines after announcing his retirement from the Hollywood spotlight last year on Twitter.

'Acting robs you of your individuality and separates you'

Shia finds celebrity culture abhorrent because of its exclusionary nature.

“The craft of acting for film is terribly exclusive and comes with the baggage of celebrity, which robs you of your individuality and separates you,” he told Variety.

Shia now refers to himself as a performance artist.

This platform for his expression allows the star to connect with people in an earnest fashion.

“As a celebrity/star I am not an individual — I am a spectacular representation of a living human being, the opposite of an individual. The enemy of the individual, in myself as well as in others. The celebrity/star is the object of identification, with the shallow seeming life that has to compensate for the fragmented productive specialisations which are actually lived. The requirements to being a star/celebrity are namely, you must become an enslaved body,” Shia explained. “Just flesh — a commodity, and renounce all autonomous qualities in order to identify with the general law of obedience to the course of things. The star is a by-product of the machine age, a relic of modernist ideals. It’s outmoded.

“I started acting as a child. It has been a long time since I’ve known another way. I think our work, for me, is my adult self putting another room on the house to gain perspective on the house.”

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